Dolphin Cruises

Charleston is fortunate to have a resident pod of dolphins year-round. The dolphins in this part of the Lowcountry are some of the few in the world that practice strand feeding. This is a feeding practice where dolphins work together to push bait fish onto the shore and temporarily beach themselves to feed. At RedFin Cruises, our captains will search for the best area for you to witness this dolphin-feeding phenomenon. No matter what month you plan to visit, our Dolphin Cruise will be a fun activity for all ages.

We understand your level of excitement and anticipation in seeing dolphins in their natural habitat. Because of this, we recommend that you bring along a camera to capture the moments and memories of your Dolphin Cruise. Our goal at RedFin Cruises is to showcase the beauty of Charleston and supply you with our knowledge of the dolphin population in the area. Create memories that will last a lifetime aboard a Dolphin Cruise. To learn more about our Dolphin Cruises, contact us today.

Dolphin Cruises are a minimum of 2 hours, starting at $250.


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