Shark Teeth

At RedFin Cruises, we offer Shark Teeth Cruises that can stand alone, or be added to another cruise that we offer. This particular excursion will be an entertaining experience for kids of all ages. Cruise to one of Charleston's beaches known for its variety of shark teeth, ranging from Tiger and Bull sharks, to Black Tip Reef sharks and Great Whites. If you are lucky enough, you may find a rare Megalodon tooth from a nearly 60-foot prehistoric shark that used to roam the waters around Charleston.

We will provide sifting pans to maximize your search efforts on the beach. Whether you strike gold by finding a rare shark tooth or you're interested in the shells washed up on shore, you will walk away from your Shark Teeth Cruise with a treasure of your own. It can be difficult to find an activity that your whole family will enjoy, but our Shark Teeth Cruise is sure to be the right fit. You can schedule your Shark Teeth Cruise for any allotment of time over two hours. To learn more about our Shark Teeth Cruise and how you can book your own, contact us today.

Shark Teeth Cruises are a minimum of 2 hours, starting at $250.


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